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Mount summon
Czas użycia20 Bardzo wysoka szybkość
TooltipSummons a rideable unicorn mount
RzadkośćRarity Level: 8
ResearchBłąd w wyrażeniu – nieoczekiwany operator > required
Grants Buff
BuffJednorożec-wierzchowiecJednorożec-wierzchowiecPC, Konsole, oraz Urządenia mobilne
Buff tooltipNaprzód, mój wierny rumaku!
Przyzywa Wierzchowca
Unicorn Mount

The Blessed Apple is a Hardmode mount summoning item. When used, it summons a rideable Unicorn Mount that gives the player an extra jump as well as the ability to sprint and charge through enemies, damaging them in the process. It can be dropped by all Hallow-related enemies, with a 0.5% / 0.67% (1/200 / 1/150) chance to drop.

Once a high speed is reached, the Unicorn emits a sparkle effect, and from that point on, the Unicorn will be able to damage enemies on contact. The invulnerability is granted for 1/10 second when the player and the Unicorn dash through an enemy, much like the brief invulnerability after taking damage. Dashing through enemies while riding this mount will deal 80 base damage to them, excluding defense. This damage benefits from effects that boost summon damage.

The mount charging through and defeating an Umbrella Slime.

Notes[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Its speed reaches 61Szablon:Nbspmph, according to the Stopwatch. At top speed, it is nearly twice as fast as a player wearing Lightning Boots. However, the Unicorn Mount can reach up to 80Szablon:Nbspmph when falling down after having reached max speed.
  • A Unicorn does not benefit from the effect of Asphalt Blocks, making players with Lightning Boots travel slightly faster on these blocks (64Szablon:Nbspmph with boots and 61Szablon:Nbspmph on a Unicorn). The Unicorn also does not benefit from Swiftness Potions.
  • While riding the Unicorn, the player will be damaged by one-block-deep lava, but not given benefits or slowed down by one-block-deep honey.
  • While the player is mounted on the Unicorn, they will only take 20% fall damage.
  • The Unicorn makes the player five tiles in height, unlike most other mounts, which only raise the height to four tiles.
  • All items providing an extra jump, like the Cloud in a Bottle, will stack with the mount, allowing a triple jump. If a Bundle of Balloons is equipped, it is possible to jump 5 times before hitting the ground.
  • When using the double jump, the player has a green and yellow sparkling effect in the mount's trail. The color of the particles created by double jumping, as well as charging, are affected by dyes.
  • Even though the Blessed Apple's drop chance is quite low, considering it drops from all Hallow enemies, the mount is quite common, and is usually the first Hardmode mount obtained.
  • If the player has Water Walking Boots, Obsidian Water Walking Boots, or Lava Waders equipped, then the Unicorn Mount will also walk on water.

Achievement[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Tips[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • The Unicorn mount is arguably one of the best pre-Plantera mounts for its damage protection and ability to attack when moving at high speed.
  • Mounting the Unicorn while dashing using the Tarcza CthulhuPC, Konsole, oraz Urządenia mobilne (or items with similar effects like the Tabi) will allow reaching the Unicorn's max speed instantly.
  • Using this mount against the Armia StarszegoWersja na PCWersja na konsole can make the event trivial without too much major mechanical boss and post-mechanical-boss progress.

Trivia[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Using any auto-firing weapon such as the Terra Blade, yoyosPC, Konsole, oraz Urządenia mobilne, or a Minishark, and firing it in the opposite direction the player is walking in will cause the Unicorn to walk "backwards".
  • The Unicorn on flat ground travels at the same speed as an unmodified Terra Blade beam.
  • The color of the Unicorn Mount differs from that of the Unicorn. In contrast to this, the achievement Rainbows and Unicorns seems to use the coloration of the enemy.
  • The saddle on the mount sprite is the same coloration as the summoning item itself.

History[edytuj | edytuj kod]