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This template returns the Buff ID of a buff, based on its name. All data is from the Desktop na Komputery source code.

Usage[edytuj kod]

{{BuffIdFromName|<buff name>}}
Unnamed parameter 1

Name of the buff. If there are several buffs with the same name, the ID of the first buff will be returned.

Unnamed parameter 2

If set, will also search for mobile buffs (id 200-215)

Notes[edytuj kod]

  • The buffs that Flasks grant can be entered without the colon as well (see examples).

Examples[edytuj kod]

Code Result
{{BuffIdFromName|Confused}} 31
{{BuffIdFromName|Weapon Imbue: Fire}} 74
{{BuffIdFromName|Weapon Imbue Fire}} 74
{{BuffIdFromName|Pet Guinea Pig}}
{{BuffIdFromName|Pet Guinea Pig|all}} 202

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