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Tiles: Blok Kamienia.png Bloki ( Red Brick.png Cegły) • Wood Wall.png Ściany ( Cobalt Brick Wall.png Ceglane Ściany)

Usage[edytuj kod]

Place the following at the end of a page:

  • {{Master Template Tiles}}

The default behavior is for the entire template to remain collapsed.

To show all sub-sections in collapsed form, use this:

{{Master Template Tiles
 | show-main       = yes

To cause one or more sub-sections to appear expanded by default, add one of the following ("show-main = yes" must also be set) :

  • | show-blocks = yes
  • | show-bricks = yes
  • | show-walls = yes
  • | show-brickwalls = yes

For example, to show the "blocks" section expanded, use this:

{{Master Template Tiles
 | show-main      = yes
 | show-blocks    = yes